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IT Services and Consulting for the Hospitality Industry

Summary of Expertise

analysis we analyze your business needs to formulate appropriate technology responses
integration & deployment we make systems work together, and help you "operationalize" them
measured application doing things "faster, cheaper, better" without being overly-agressive
broad familiarity hospitality IT, messaging, networks & systems management, software development
long-lived solutions breaking the cycle of unmanaged, haphazard changes
open, mixed environments interoperability considered a virtue--Windows, Macintosh, Linux, ...


  • Twin Trees serves the hospitality industry with well-qualified personnel. Pean Lim (Principal; LinkedIn) has deep experience in hotel IT with four- and five-star properties including six years as VP of IT with Kuala Lumpur-based Hotel Equatorial Management S.B. (www.equatorial.com). Other credentials include a solid technical underpinning (MIT BS & MS) and hospitality industry IT certification (CHTP).

  • Twin Trees actively participates in Seattle-area hospitality industry associations.

  • Pean also has 11 years experience in software development.


  • we favor loosely-coupled, modular systems over highly-integrated, monolithic ones, because:
    • modularity enables longer-lived, adaptable solutions
    • monolithic solutions create single-vendor dependencies
  • we favor Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) whenever possible because access to source code:
    • enables longer-lived, adaptable solutions
    • enables multi-platform solutions (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
    • enables multi-vendor integrations
    • allows for deeper understanding of system components
  • we understand that sometimes "less is more", therefore:


Contact Info

Website: http://www.twintrees.com
eMail: info@twintrees.com
Voice: +1.425.247.0822
Fax: +1.425.747.2755
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5806 119th Ave SE Ste A PMB 31
Bellevue WA 98006-3750
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Project Experience
  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • Fast Server Recovery
  • Guest Internet Services (HSIA)
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Call Centers
  • Web Services
  • Email Services
  • Collaboration Servers
  • Instant Messaging Services

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